Timeline of Events

16th March 2014:

During the day: Followed, stopped and questioned and subjected to prolonged questioning at check points, around Killinochchi

Around 10pm: Arrested on the A9 road at Killinochchi, taken to the Killinochchi Police station and subjected to intensive questioning till about 1.30am on 17th March

17th March 2014:

Around 1.30am: Taken from Killinochchi Police station to Vavuniya, held at a Police office in Vavuniya till about 5.30am

Around 5.30am: Taken from Vavuniya to Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) in Colombo

Around 12.30pm: Reach TID in Colombo, after check up by the Colombo Judicial Medical Officer (JMO)

Around 1pm: Delegation from National Human Rights Commission visits

18th March 2014:

Around 10.30pm: Taken from TID to JMO in Athurugiriya and then to Magistrate’s residence in Wattala and released unconditionally

19th March 2014:

Afternoon: Parents summoned to appear for a special inquiry at the Mount Lavinia Police station

20th March 2014:

Evening: Court orders restricting overseas travel and freedom of expression served

21st March 2014:

Afternoon: Raid by persons in civil and uniformed Army and Police at an NGO office Ruki was working, and attempt to take away Ruki and one of his lawyers at gun point

Evening: Court order served to handover iPad and hard disk

Night: iPad and hard disk handed over to the TID




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