Court, Police and other official documents

17th March 2014

Arrest Receipts / Notice of Ruki and Fr Praveen

Arrest receipt-Ruki-17March2014

Arrest receipt-Fr Praveen-17March2014

Police notice to Ruki’s parents about arrest-17March2014

18th March 2014

Human Rights Commision of Sri Lanka registers receipt of a complaint made my Ruki’s Mother

HRCSL receipt to complaint by Rukis mother-18March2014

19th March 2014

Ruki’s parents summoned for a special inquiry

Summons to Rukis parents for special inquiry-19March2014

20th March 2014

Court order imposing a travel ban on Ruki and Fr Praveen

Court order imposing travel ban on Ruki + Fr Praveen-20March2014

Court order restricting Ruki’s freedom of expression. It bans Ruki from speaking to “local or foreign persons regarding the case”

Court order restricting freedom of expression on Ruki-20March2014

21st March 2014

Court order for Ruki to hand over his iPad and hard disk to the TID

Court order to Ruki to handover iPad+Hard disk-21March2014-Sin+Eng translation

30th June 2015

Court Order lifting Ruki’s travel restriction-30June2015


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